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Monday, September 24, 2012

Hindi TV Serial - Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha - Megha paralyzed from the neck down

Just when you think that the makers of the serial cannot twist the story any further, there were the promos which showed Megha suffering a neck injury that left her paralyzed from the neck down, a major problem since the person loses control of their limbs and is unable to do anything other than speak, breathe and eat. They are dependent on other people to do everything for them, to be totally responsible for them. This is something that has afflicted Megha after the accident, and everybody is shocked at what happens.
This brings to the fore, the problems that are there in the family. Renu essentially thinks only for herself and can't really stand Megha, and also Mohan. She believes that since Megha is now married off to Mohan, there is no need for the family to think about this. At that point, the hospital bill has been presented, and it is a huge sum. Megha's father-in-law is scurrying around about how to raise the money to pay the bill, and at that time, when the ask comes for various people to contribute, everybody rises. Mohan is trying to raise the money, and for that, he sells the bike. On other side, the FIL is trying to get money, including from the insurance policy, and at that time, Sanjay puts the car keys over there. Renu is shocked, and takes out the key from there. Things escalate, and then his own father tells Sanjay that he wants them to move out, that they don't need any help for taking care of Megha. Sanjay is shocked, and almost slaps Renu (a scene that Hindi Serials should avoid, since the concept should not be to hit the wife even when she is doing wrong, since that seems to support physical violence).
Mohan finally swallows his pride, and seems to get money from his father for the hospital, even though this means compromising on his principles, but then he needs the money, and then he makes payment (although the serial does not actually show him taking the money from his father).

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