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Monday, October 14, 2013

Balika Vadhu - Things get very serious, Sanchi does drama of committing suicide

Balika Vadhu is getting very serious currently. The sudden view of the breaking off of relations between Jagya and Sanchi is causing huge upheavals, not only in the life of Jagya and Sanchi, but also in the life of Anandi. Any anger that people have towards Jagya and his family is also coming out in front of Anandi, especially from the perspective of Ira, who is putting all the blame for whatever happened on Anandi and the family.
So, when Sanchi came back after seeing Jagya put sindoor on Ganga, she was shocked, but not fully defeated. Even though her family was very angry at Jagya and did not want anything more to do with him, Sanchi still believed in getting Jagya for herself, and was looking for more strategies that would help ensure that Jagya came back to her and not go to Ganga. She even rationalized that just putting Sindoor does not make it a marriage and if things can be prevented from going further, then she should do this. And what better way to force somebody to come to her side than by putting on a huge emotional drama, the act of committing suicide. After all, this is a time tested formula that would work and ensure that she would get the sympathy of everybody, including Jagya.
However, on the other side, Jagya had also realized that he had put Ganga in a strange situation by putting Sindoor on her, since this was still not marriage. His mother and Dadisa were very angry with him and did not want him in the house, but Bhairon went to meet him to understand what had happened, and finally ended up accepting what he had. So, Jagya finally had a formal marriage with Ganga, to his mother's disappointment and fury. However, Bhairon prevented Sumitra from stopping the marriage which happened in a temple in front of a pandit with the havan and everything else.
In the meantime Sanchi tried to commit suicide by cutting her wrists, with the door open so that it would not convert into a reality, and Anandi saw her in time and alerted everyone so that she could be taken to the hospital before tragedy could occur. However, this was a huge shock to everyone and the anger towards Jagya had increased a lot; since this was obviously because of Jagya backing out of the marriage that this attempt at suicide had happened, and Anandi also got caught up in this one. Ira was extremely angry, and when Bhairon and Dadisa came there to express their sympathy, she was still very angry and also curt with Anandi, virtually threatening them that this would have a bad impact on Anandi as well, that her presence in the house was under threat because of all this. Even though Alok tried to counsel her, she was not really listening.
Instead, when she heard that Jagya had gotten married to Ganga, she was even more angry and lashed out at Anandi for whatever happened, for revealing things from her married family. Sanchi was also shocked when she heard about this marriage, since this meant that now Jagya would not have a change of mind and would not come back to her. In this situation, the threat of using the police for charging Jagya with abetting the suicide attempt of Sanchi was the game that would be played.

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