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Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Jodha Akbar - Jalal goes to Amer for attending Sukanya's marriage

For some time now, there has been a greater closeness between Jalal and Jodha, although Jodha is very cynical about the motives of Jalal. Her initial experience with Jalal was pretty horrendous, especially when she was blamed for the death of his baby, and she and her brothers were faced with the death penalty. In the end, she was absolved of this, but this and other actions made her very suspecting of the motives of Jalal whenever he did something that seemed favorable towards her. So, when he marched along with her brothers to attack Sukanya's future in-laws because of a charge that they were supporting dacoits and thieves, she was horrified, but was not very astonished. And when this expedition resulted in the death of Sukanyan's future husband, she was very angry, but Jalal told her that this was his duty as a king; after all, one of his subjects had come to him for justice and he had just delivered justice.
However, she was even more astonished later to learn that it was Jalal who had helped in the securing of a proposal for Sukanya, and this had been accepted by both sides and the marriage had been accepted. She learned this when her father came to Agra to invite everybody for the marriage. However, this effort by Jalal did not only surprise Jodha, but also surprised Mahamanga, who was even more surprised that Jalal had accepted going to Amer to attend the marriage, although he would be going with a large security force in order to ensure that his safety was sure. When Jodha went to speak to Jalal about this, he taunted her in a way that seemed endearing, but she took this in a way that this was natural for Jalal to continue to hurt her, although his effort in getting a match for her sister was something that she was happy about.
In the meantime, Mahamanga had been warning Rukkaiya that she needs to control Jalal, he seemed to be getting closer to Jodha and this would be the end of Rukkaiya's control over the harem and over the palace. Rukkaiya was usual, very dismissive, after all, how could Jodha ever think of reaching her position. But, when she went to spoke to Jalal to try to prevent him from going to Amer, he shocked her strongly by admitting that he was deeply in love with Jodha and would do everything to curry her favor. When he saw that she was shocked enough, then he told her not to worry, that he was doing this to ensure that the Rajputana area was silent and obedient, and this was all politics, not any love for Jodha. This made Ruqaiyya more comfortable, especially with his trip to Amer.
And then there was the attack on Jalal and Jodha on the way to Amer, where they were on a boat. They were attacked by archers, and finally their own soldiers came in and defeated these archers. Jalal spoke to his army chief and shared his feeling that this was an attack by an insider and asked him to investigate. Finally when Jalal reaches Amer, will he come face to face with Maharana Pratap who is vehemently against Jalal and the way that the Rajput states are not acting against the Mughals.

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