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Thursday, October 10, 2013

Jodha Akbar - Jalal was at death's door - Finally medicine from Jodha saved him

Another incident, another problem. This trip to Ajmer was the one which was going to be one of the turning points in the relation between Jodha and Akbar. Before the trip, Jodha was looking to going back to her Amer and leaving Jalal, but then she was rejected by her family; with this incident and with Jalal also taunting her before, she tried to commit suicide, but was saved by Jalal. He told her that she was a begum of the Mughal family and there was no way that she could commit suicide, she should know the prestige of her position and not trying to do something like this. He took her back Agra and bypassed the others around and put her in a room for the night. At the same time, it was told that Jalal needed to go to Ajmer along with a begum, so that the bad over his head could go, and the begum would be the one who would have the first light of sunrise to land on her. And you know what would have happened, the room where Jodha was there for the night was the one where Jodha had been kept by Jalal, and she was set for Ajmer. When Jalal asked her about why she wanted to go to Ajmer, and she could refuse, she refused to refuse and said that she would go to Ajmer.
On the other hand, Adham was hoping that this journey to Ajmer would be the last for the emperor and that Adham could be the next emperor. They had an eventful journey where they were also attacked, attacked by a Rajput who did not like the fact that Jodha was married to a Mughal emperor. This led to Jodha and Akbar staying in the same tent for security reasons, but jodha was not convinced and when Jalal came inside and took off her chunni, she was shocked and spoke out. But she became very embarrassed when it turned out that Jalal was doing this since there was a snake, and Jalal used this opportunity to tease her about this later as well.
On the return journey, Jalal wanted to do some hunting. However, Jodha did not like this hunting of innocents, and replaced the powder in his gun, so that when a tiger attacked them, Jalal was without his gun, having to fight with the tiger. Obviously, the tiger was more powerful and Jalal was severely wounded, and in mortal danger. Jodha was shocked at what had happened due to her actions, and now Jalal was under the care of the hakim, who was unable to stop the blood from flowing. Jodha took the courage to go and tell Ruqaiya about what had happened, although when Ruqaiya learned that Jodha had partial responsibility for what had happened, she slapped Jodha left and left.
In the meantime, Jodha refused to move out of there for her own security, and started preparing a medicine that she had seen at Amer, prepared by a great hakim. She gave this medicine which was used on Jalal. It stopped his blood from flowing, but also caused a high fever, which made the others more suspicious of what Jodha was upto. The Hakim was also called from Bhopal, although it would take some time for him to come. Finally he reached and confirmed that the medicine was correct, and the high fever would help to make him better again; and finally Jalal was feeling better. This entire episode also seemed to make Jalal and Jodha closer.

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