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Monday, October 7, 2013

Madhubala - Ek Ishq Ek Junoon - Pabbo and Dipali trying to stop Madhu from becoming the heroine

As usual, you would expect that the show would have a lot of drama before something happens. That has been the case with the serial, since before showing that something major happens, there will be a lot of suspense, Dipali will be involved in trying to prevent whatever Madhu and RK are trying to do, and so on. However, even though they come to know that Diplali is involved, they do not prevent her from doing so, and since each time, there is no punishment, you can be sure that the character of Dipali will continue in her quest to give them trouble and cause problems when they are trying to do so. Even otherwise, even though they show RK as very arrogant, he has let his step-father stay in the house even though his step-father was the one who was instrumental in preventing RK from working in the films industry and because of which he had to his own movie. So, finally RK, being a superstar, decided that he would produce a movie himself and set about arranging matters for the movie.
He asked Bittuji to set about arranging finance, and for the huge amount that was required, had to say that the house had to be set a security for the loan, which is a matter of risk since that meant if the movie was to fail to make enough money, then his house would be taken away to pay for the loan. He asked an actress for playing the role of the heroine, but she was already talking to the film producer who wanted to teach RK a lesson, and finally she refused to act in the movie. At this, finally RK decided that he already had somebody in the house who could become a heroine, and said that Madhu would be the heroine of the movie (the advantage is that there will be some more costs that are cut because of casting her as the main heroine).
However, Dipali is very against this movie, since it would significantly enhance the status of Madhu, especially if the movie was successful. Madhu on the other hand was agreeable to do this since RK's movie was in a problem and she felt it was her duty to support RK in this. It was after all a movie that he was producing. Initially, Pabbo was fine with this movie but after her guruji said something about this, and then Dipali also spent time with her to persuade her otherwise, she became dead set against this move to make Madhu the lead actress of the movie, and also spoke about this to RK. However, RK was not ready to initially listen to her about this, and said that Madhu was only doing her duty towards RK by becoming a part of the movie, and he would not listen to anybody speaking against Madhu. At this, Pabbo left the table and went to her room.
Later RK and Madhu went to her room so that they apologize for anything that could have hurt her, but found that she was not there. They started a hunt to find her, and finally Madhu found her in a temple and brought her back to the house, although she refused another attempt by Pabbo that Madhu not work in the movie. In the end, it is shown that Pabbo and Dipali join hands to stop Madhu from becoming the heroine of the movie.

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