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Friday, October 4, 2013

Hindi TV Serial - Jodha Akbar - Jodha and Akbar go to Ajmer

There is a continuous bit of back and forth between Jodha and Akbar. Now, that the supposed truth about who had killed Jalal's son in Ruqaiya's womb was clear (the supposed double of Maha Manga, although the serial does show that Maha Manga was the one behind the murder, and had then taken the help of an old associate to do the actual killing - she wanted to ensure that the right of her own son Adham to the throne after Jalal is retained, which would be impossible if Jalal got a heir on the throne with the birth of his child if that was a son). Jodha was a bit unsure about whether it was Maha Manga who was behind this, but had to accept that the culprit was sentenced to death and then killed. A conclusion of this was that both Jodha and her brothers were freed from any guilt and this was admitted to by Jalal in front of others, which would be enough to ensure that their reputation was restored.
After this, Jodha had realized that this marriage was a mistake and talked to Jalal about this. He told her that he was ready to let her go back to Amer and she could go back with her brothers; but then Jodha found out that her brothers left without her since they had been given another work by her father (she did raise this with Jalal, but he said that this was not his fault, since he had not commanded her brothers to leave). However, Jodha, when she finally met her family realized that she was not going to get much help from them either; after all, the concept was that such a lot had happened to ensure that her marriage was stable, including the involvement of her brothers in the killing of her sister's future husband, and that, as per tradition, she could only leave Akbar when she was dead. Also, Jalal had told her that he only married her since he hated her.
Jodha was horrified over this, since now she realized that she was probably unwanted at both her inlaws and her parents and tried to jump into a lake to kill herself. Jalal realized that she was going to do this, and jumped after her and saved her from the water. When she came out, she asked him about why he saved her, and he told her that he did this since she was a Begum of the mughal royal family and committing suicide was not an option for her, she needs to respect her position. From now on, she needs to be more careful of what she was doing. And he was not responsible for what her family had told her. He took her back to the fort and told her that she would have to stay by herself in another enclosed room for the night. And when his mother asked about her, he told them that she was in a room by herself for the night and no one will meet her for this duration.
In the meantime, because of some problems happening to Jalal, it was foretold that he would need to go to Ajmer for prayers along with a begum, and the begum would be the one who would get to see the first rays of the light in the morning. As expected, Ruqayya says that she will be the one, and just at sunrise, goes to a room which is supposed to get the first rays of light, but is shocked when she opens the room and sees Jodha in there (this was the room where Jalal had kept Jodha). So it is Jodha who will go with Jalal, and his mother is very happy. On the other side, Adham is planning how to get rid of Jalal on this trip to Ajmer, since that will ensure that he gets to become the new king.

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