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Saturday, October 5, 2013

Hindi TV Serial - Bade Acche Lagte Hain - Pihu's marriage on and off, Ram fine with this

Things are getting strange in the serial. But one feels that the serial will get more strange before there is some improvement. Right now, the scene was that the serial has come after 7 years. Ram has 3 daughters, with Pihu and then the twins who were born later. Priya is still in a coma after 7 years of the accident, although Pihu was fine after the accident. In addition, Juhi plays an essential role in the business and family, since Ram has to depend on her for a number of things (Ram goes to visit Priya every evening in the hospital and hence the help of Juhi is very much required). Ram's daughters even call her 'choti maa' because of the influence she has on the family. Further, Juhi's ex-husband Rajeev is now popping up in the scene, wanting custody of their daughter Naina, who also considers Ram like a father, and who he considers as his 4th daughter. And then there is Kush, who is also dedicated to Ram and the daughters (but there is no mention of what is happening to Ayesha, his mother - maybe they are saving her when they need some more villainous roles).
Things are getting more troublesome with Priya. Doctors have said that she needs to come out of her coma in this year, else things will get even more problematic. Further, Doctors have also said that she is starting to slip, with her organs failing and if this continues, she will not have more time available with her. Everybody is very worried, and Ram has decided to get Priya back to the house. And then, he gets to know that there is a family that is interested marrying their son with Pihu, and he feels that this will be good, as it will also provide a rich emotional experience that maybe would help Priya re-connect with the world and come out of coma. Pihu on the other hand also thinks that her father needs to move on with life, get over Priya, and marry Juhi, since that seems like the best option - and for that, she needs to get married. So she meets the guy Mandeep and decides that she will get married.
Preparations for the wedding are ongoing, with the other family however soon putting a spanner in the works. First they want a clarification on the marriage status of Ram and Juhi, since the daughters call her Choti Maa. Ram is mad, but Vikram makes him understand that other people will have the same question - and Rajeev turns out to be the business partner of the inlaws. But just when this blows over, the inlaws come over with more issues; they want to know why the marriage is not being held in a 5 star, why their relatives are being forced to stay in a guest house, what is the share of property that Pihu is getting from Ram and whether this can be defined now, and most of all, why they were given fake jewelery as gifts. Turns out that Natasha gave them fake jewellery since she wanted to test whether they will try and get these jewellery items tested, and they did. Finally Ram says that these do not seem like the right set of inlaws for Pihu and he cancels the marriage. But before he can explain to Pihu, the would-be-guy Mandeep comes in and apologizes on behalf of his parents and says that he was interested in the marriage and when Ram asks Pihu, she also says that she is fine with going ahead with the marriage.
However, somebody else speaks to Mandeep and he then tells Ram that he cannot get married to Pihu, since he was spoken to somebody else who says that he spent a lot of time with Pihu, but she is not the type of person who can get committed to somebody. At this, Ram gets angry at Mandeep and asks him to leave and tells everybody that the marriage is off. In the meantime, with Rajeev wanting the custody of Naina, Ram finally thinks of a solution whereby he could marry Juhi and this legally adopt Naina.

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