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Thursday, April 12, 2007

Black and White aspects of TV artists...

Negative Shades of Women In Television Industry Growing At A Fast Rate...

If you see todays serials, you'll notice that most of them do not have males as the bad character, instead now the position has been replaced by females. Not surprising, after all women have left men behind in every aspect. Especially our K series serials like Kasautii Zindagi Kii, Kyuki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi, Kahani Ghar Ghar Ki offer such a bad picture of woman that people hate that character so much that if they come across those people, that hatred comes onto their faces especially the audiences in the age group of 40-50's and above.
These serials have made a extreme contrast between a heroine and a vamp. The heroine of the
serial will be so good, like a godess, i mean she is ready to take any sort of difficulties, will listen to every kind of scrap, will be very good with the people who have kind of destroyed her life. On the other hand, the vamp will be the worst human being on earth, she can go to any heights to destroy her enemy. A great deal of attention is now given to their costume and jewellery. The background score that announces their presence is also novel.

There was an interview with a TV actor who plays negative character, she says...
'People look forward to watching vamps in serials'. While playing a negative character one has to be quite particular about facial expressions and voice modulations. Presence of vamps adds spice to a serial. Moreover, with vamps bringing about interesting twists and turns in the serial people look forward to watching them.

Very true...I agree 100%.
But sometimes when I get a bit ethical I think that is bringing such a bad front of women on TV good? I agree that this thing sells but is it giving a right kind of image to the people? May be the audience of today is mature enough to appreciate good work rather than just the positive or negative shades of a particular character. This remains the overall question?


Keshi said...

well ppl who dun believe in sucn ridiculous stereotypes dun watch serials...simple as that :)


Apun Ka Desh said...

Are the serials reflecting the new reality? Where women are no longer the silent suffering types.. but new age scheming !!!


Vibha M said...

I don't think that most of the people think logically enough to differentiate between real life and reel life.

I have seen people talk like "dekha,maine kaha that na. don't trust Pallavi." so I guess some ppl are pretty involved.


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