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Monday, April 16, 2007

An excellent serial of earlier: Khaandan

I was just reminscing of serials from an earlier age, when Doordarshan was the only channel available, and we used to wait for our favourite serials to appear on TV. In the current age of a massive number of family dramas and saas-bahu serials, and my favourite type (joke, I don't really like them), 2 mega-rich families colliding with each other, I remember a serial from an earlier age.
I am talking about a serial called Khaandan. It starred a number of characters such as Neena Gupta, Dr. Shreeram Lagoo, Mohan Bhandari, Jayant Kriplani, and so on. I wonder how many people remember this serial, but I was an avid watcher when it came. Of course, this must have been 20 years back now, and I have never seen a re-run of this serial, so the memory is a bit foggy.
I did a bit of searching as well, but never did find anything substantial, so will have to mostly depend on my memory for what I write. From what I remember, it was about big business, and about the ambitions and drive of the family members. The plot goes through various twists and turns, but then a tragedy strikes, and at a crunch time, Jayant Kriplani, who is the outside in family, supports them with the shares he has.
The plus point of this serial, besides the fact that it was probably the first one of its time, was the fact that you could see the serial moving with a decent speed (so much unlike today's serial, where anything will be done to extend the life of the serial). In addition, you could feel a sense of realism in terms of the inter-actions of the characters with each other, with all of them having their shades of grey, and not pure good or evil. And of course, the biggest plus point was that the serial, having become successful, moved to a point where you could see the serial terminate.
I wonder if anyone by any chance, has a set of CD's / VHS tapes / DVD's of this serial? I know a fair amount of people who would like to see this serial again.


Apun Ka Desh said...

Superb Serial... Khandaan.. i remember vividly.

If i am not mistaken.. even Shashi Kapoor came in that serial for a few episodes.

Far more realistic serial than crazy bahu's running business empires these days.. lol

Vibha M said...

yes I remember the serial vaguely. It seems that most of the good serials have a predefined script and story outline. So they are not flexible and do not bend with public likings. In these good serials, you do not see a dead character coming alive. They begin and end as they are supposed to.


Anonymous said...

I remember Khandaan very well. Other than the characters already mentioned you had Shekhar Kapoor, Shernaz Patel and Vivek Vaswani. I cant remember who played the mother's role. It used to be on Wednesday evenings and I so used to look forward to it.

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