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Monday, April 23, 2007

JASSI JAISI KOI NAHI... a good start, but faded out

This show started out really GREAT!! Very different and a real self esteem booster for millions of those beautiful Indian girls who are put down--cuz they dont fit the bill. Looks aren't everything and that's exactly what this serial showed.

Basically the serial Jassi Jaisi Koi Nahin was written around a plot of a ugly girl who later changed her outlook with makeup and the serial depicted what sort of changes she felt around her after her new look. Upto that point the serial was good. But the masala things that were put to carry on the serial in order to make it run and make money should be avoided. They kill user interest in a serial, and make people forget how good the serial was.

Jasmeet Walia’s daily struggle to keep Gulmohur fashion house afloat, romantic moments with her boss Armaan Suri; Chashmish Chuhiya’s confrontations with Armaan’s fiancee Mallika Seth were far more entertaining than the other saas-bahu serials.

Jassi’s attachment to bebe (her grandmom), her relationship with Nandu, the next-door neighbour and best friend, and Jassi getting bullied by Pari in office were a laugh riot besides adding the human touch to her character.

Jassi aka Mona Singh impressed all in her spectacles, she seemed pretty too in her new look, but slowly the whole story became very unrealistic. As per my point of view its wasting time seeing the serial further after Jassi changed her look. Sometimes I feel how would it had been for Mona Singh to dress up like Jassi for two years, that would have been made her very dheela (sloppy). After the new look, she had to watch her body language and be more careful about the image she depicted.

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