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Saturday, April 14, 2007

DD National : Losing its strong initial advantage

Doordarshan is a public broadcast television network run by Prasar Bharti. It began in Delhi in 1959. National programes were introduced in 1982. In the same year live telecast of Independence Day parade followed by Asian Games was shown.
With the cable and so many channels coming up, I just wonder whether people still watch Doordarshan because to be very true I don't. But I truly believe that some of the quality serials that are remembered till now were shown on DD National. I still remember those days (eightees era) when I was a kid and like every child I used to wait for the Sunday to come because all the good serials used to come starting with Rangoli (around 7:30 am if I am not wrong). I still remember my mother used to make 'pakodis' for breakfast on Sunday and everything was settled before 9 am because it was the time for mythological dramas like Ramayan (1987-1988) and Mahabharat (1988-1989). Every character fitted so well in these serials, the image that comes to me if I talk about Lord Krishana is Nitish Bhardwaj and Mukesh Khanna as Bhism Pitamah.
Now-a-days you can hear songs on any channel but at that time there were two famous hindi film songs based popular serials, Chitrahaar (how we would wait to see songs on this one) and Rangoli. Crime thrillers like Karamchand, Byomkesh Bakshi (my favourite detective serial till now) and Tahqekaat (lead role played by Vijay Anand) were some good and substantial thrillers. Though Karamchand has started again but I just don't find that kind of quality detective serials on any channel now.
Soaps like Humlog, Buniyad and Nukkad were very popular. I don't remember them but I still find people praising about them. I can't forget two romantic serials because I really liked them and I wish them to start again on any channel, Kashish (Sudesh Berry and Malvika Tiwari) and
Farmaan (Kawaljit and Deepika Deshpande). Both were romantic in nature, may be the age I was in when these serials started made me very fond of them. Shanti, the first daily soap started on Doordarshan on one 15th August and after that there was no end to daily soaps. Then came Swabhimaan, Itihaas. No end.
Now Doordarshan is often criticized for poor telecast and presentation quality, the media have regularly criticized the channel for telecasting too many ads in cricket matches often showing 5 of the 6 balls of an over. However, Doordarshan is still the only television provider for a number of people who don't have cable television. Those were interesting times, one of my other regular memories from that time is of fiddling with the antenna to ensure that reception is good.
I don't know about the present but some really good quality and my favourite serials came from Doordarshan.


thoughts of a blank mind said...

Deepti I wonder what you used to do on Sunday nights when they showed Surabhi. Remember Siddharth Kak and Renuka Shahane talking about all kind of things. This was the only serial for which I used to send answers on postcard ;). but then as it grew popular, govt started that competition postcard and that also stopped!!! Well if you missed it at that time then you can catch it up at alongwith another gem "Malgudi Days" of which i don't think i need to write anything!!!

Lydiasheen said...

THankyou so much for bringing back those Kashish are my absolute favourites. I was bugging my friend to remeber the name Farmaan thanks for that too.

Doordarshan did have a very good blend of programs. I wish we had a channel that rerun the old Serials and programs from Doordarshan. I also would love a Surabhi kind of program now.

Lisha said...

Wow,This is a trip down memory lane.

Looks like I am not the only one who liked Byomkesh Bakshi,I still remember some of the episode,not to forget Tahqekaat.
Nowadays there are no Serials to Match up with the line and variety that doordarshan had once provided.

Mobi said...

Hi.. I must say this is very nice.. I still do not have a cable connection.. and watch DD National only (if i want to that is) Nice blog! :)

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