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Sunday, April 8, 2007

Playing Dead, Playing Alive

In seconds, Dead = ALIVE and Alive = DEAD.

Ekta Kapoor serials have changed the definition of dead and alive. You cannot predict when a character in her serial who is happily married and leading a peaceful life comes to an end for no reason. No, actually I am wrong there are reasons...

May be they are having a cold war with Ekta Kapoor or Ekta kapoor needs to give a twist in her serial. Take for instance, in KYUKI SAAS BHI KABHI BAHU THI, Mihir was dead in an accident, Ekta kapoor thought that it would be a good turnover but audience were so much crazy about him especially girls that the TRPs of the show went low and no alternate left but to bring Mihir back, at that time played by Amar Upadhay. But after sometime his relations with Ekta Kapoor became tense and he was replaced by Ronit Roy. Same happened with Piyush character in KAHIN TO HOGA. Towards the end, in a new addition to the story, his mother's sister suddenly came into the picture, who had 2 sons, out of which one son was given to Piyush's mother (Piyush). So, since the Piyush character may have become friends with Ekta Kapoor again, he was brought back into the serial in the name of his brother.

Plastic Surgery is so common in these serials to change one's identity, to be true not only the face but their height, weight and even the voice changes and normally this is done when you have to change the person who is playing that character.

I have heard that plastic surgery is a very complicated process and a very delicate process too but it doesnt seem to be so when you watch these serials. Its such a easy process and not so costly also...

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