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Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Virrudh - How long will it remain power-packed ?

VIRRUDH - conflict among relationships is what this serial emphasizes. This is the new serial that started recently on Sony at 9:30 P:M produced by none other than Tulsi aka Smriti Zubin Irani.
It is a sensitive, daily soap woven against the tapestry of a ruthless, manipulative corporate world. The story revolves around the life and dilemmas of Vasudha (played by Smriti Irani), a daughter who is blinded by her love for her father Dhirendra Raj Singhania (Vikram Gokhale), a power-hungry, manipulative business tycoon and also runs a newspaper called Dainik Darpan. She is torn between her father she worships, and the man she loves Sushant (Sushant Singh), a chief crime reporter of Dainik Darpan.
So what do I think, its just a guess how the story will move... What happens when a dutiful daughter discovers the truth about her father? Will she stand against the injustice done by her father or will she accept the attributes (attributes she hates) in her father to survive in the harsh world of politics and business?
So far so good, i am following the serial, right now watching it, every character is performing well and after a long time Smriti, Achint Kaur are playing characters in their own age group. I hope it remains so...and no twenty year transformation takes place. If the serial goes on endlessly then it will turn out to be a run-of-the-mill serial like other serials.
I wish All the Best to the serial. Hope it moves on fine and ends when it should rather then be forced into being a money-making dull serial.

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