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Saturday, April 7, 2007

Multiple Marriages Fashion Trend...

Some of the points of our serials that are often noticed yet ignored...

Marriages and Extramarital affairs of the main leads happen infinite times.

Take for instance if I am not wrong Ekta Kapoor's K serials Rishab Bajaj, Anurag Basu and Prerna of KASAUTI ZINDAGI KII have got so much experience in handling marriages that they can take up a part time job of a marriage counsellor in near future.

Mihir in KYUKI SAAS BHI KABHI BAHU THI was shown as a person of very high moral values initially but to bring a twist in the serial and in order to make the serial more juicy he was shown to have an extra marital affair with Mandira and not just the affair but his moral values dropped to such an extent that he actually had a child outside his marriage.

And how can one forget one of the amazing serials of Ekta kapoor which recently finally finally got pulled off, KAHIN TO HOGA. God forbid but I just cannot understand from where Kashish, the female lead can get so much strength of handling so many marriages.

But towards a serious note, Is it right to portray the religious concept of marriage in such a manner?
What affect will it have on the younger generation? Will they take marriage seriously or it will be like a time pass for them?
Do these kind of relationships represent our society?

These questions remain unanswered because the popularity of these serials have grown so much that they have become a integral part of the masses.

People crib yet watch them...


Ashish said...

Nice, I never thought of it this way

ratna said...

nice job, also very true.....

Anonymous said...

hey what about Kkusum.. Abhya with isha, then kusum, then again isha, then again kusum, then mahi.. oooooffff tired.. Tehn come his children.. Kali and the other gal forgot her name!!

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