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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Shree, goes in for a 6 year leap, but evil is still there

The serial takes a 6 year leap! The whole family is happy and united as tehre has been no trace of Kangana for 6 yrs (as that is when the evil child will gain his full powers and finally be able to kill Hari..) It is the eve of the kids bday and we see Rudra (evil child - who is a brat) and Naveli (the devi child- who is sweet and shy).... Nine poor girls are called home so that the family can feed these kids.. (as part of Navratri pooja).... But Rudra does some jadoo and the food becomes super spicy! But naveli with her love and her own powers makes each of teh girls eat the food which then turns sweet... The abhshagun was avoided thanks to naveli... Its been six years and Shree is unsure whether one of her kids is evil or not.. But with the help of Pujari she finds out that one child is indeed evil and is the ansh of kangana -- and will kill hari! To protect the child from gaining his evil powers and to protect the good child as well.. Shree goes to lady who spins magic yarn and makes protective shawls.. She tells Shree that the kids must wear the shawls at 12 (when they turn 6).. only then they will be protected... But naughty Rudra manages to take his and naveli's shawl off.. When Shree goes back to check on them she realises both her kids have disappeared!

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