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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Ongoing drama on 12/24 Karol Bagh

The prospect of marriage, that too, between 2 families with different social status can cause a lot of emotions upheavals, demands, and egos, and so it was on 12/24 karol Bagh. Here is an update from previous week.
The Tarnejas have placed a demand putting Anuj in a quandary of getting Simi and Rajeev married one day prior to the already preponed wedding of Anuj and Anita.
Anuj is worried about this since he cannot even speak to his parents about this. Thus he confides about this to Simi , and behaves as if she is the one responsible for everything.
Simi is pained about this and bumps into Abhi in the temple when she goes to pray to save Anuj and Anita’s wedding.
Meanwhile Rajinder has gone to the Tarnejas residence to postpone the roka without knowing their demand. All hell breaks loose when Rajinder discusses his idea with the Tarnejas. The argument augments and Rajinder breaks the marriage proposal of Anuj and Anita. Rajinder bumps into Abhi and they have a cute spat. Abhi tells Anita not to worry as he will do something about it. Anuj and Simi come to know of this news and are dumbstruck. So is Manju. No one has courage to speak to Rajinder on this issue. On the same evening Anita is seen standing at Sethi’s door with her luggage. Manju and Rajinder are shell-shocked.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

it's a disturbing serial where all women are shown as either hyper or desperate- the protagonist simi is a mix of both. also, there is no real love or even affection between simi and the kid actor- he pities her and comes to rescue and in her desperation simi construes it as love! looking at cases of female teachers sleeping with male students, this serial sets a disturbing trend. yes, there are some good matches between older women and younger boys, but in india, that is sexually repressed society, these things become perversions leading to older men and women raping young ones! looking at the soaring number of sexual crimes against women and boys in india, this legitimizes another piece of nonsense. the cases of teeanger boys who raped their woman neighbor as they "loved" her is yet another example of it. Another case where teacher slept with her students (incl. one of my neighbors here in panchkula) as they had "crush" on her and later when they turned 18 they were fair game are examples of such perversion. The only thing that this serial conveys is that women should be married at an early age otherwise they lose their sense of rationality.

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