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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Kitani Mohabbat hain - A quick end

Kitani Mohabbat Hain on NDTV Imagine had a relatively quick end, with the last episode being shown on September 25th. For quite some time now, the serial had been showing Arjun in jail, although not showing exactly why he was in jail. His lawyer was also trying to find out the reason as to why he was in jail, but was not getting a good answer right till a few weeks before the end. The scene in jail happens around 2.5 years after he split up with Aarohi, and all the hints earlier were that he had killed somebody with a pistol.
And the reason why he was in jail ? He was in jail, waiting to be hanged for the murder of Aarohi's father on the night of Aarohi's wedding with Karan. Apparently, Arjun was convicted of throwing Aarohi's father off the roof, and was sentenced to be hanged within a short period of 3 years (never mind that with multiple rounds of confirmation needed - upto the Supreme Court, and in India's case, death is only for the rarest of rare cases, he would never have got sentenced to death for such a crime).
He is about to be hanged on the same day as the alleged crime, when Aarohi apparently found a CD that actually shows how the death was an accident and that Arjun was actually trying to save her father. And she managed to go and save Arjun from hanging just when the level is going to get pressed, and everything is fine afterwards.

1 comment:

siddharth said...

what a quick end to this fantastic serial. I think they hurried on with the ending which left a bad taste in the mouth to this otherwise very good serial.
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