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Monday, September 7, 2009

Shree on Zee TV - fight against the devil

Ganpati Bappa Morya!
Wasna Ahmed who plays Shree in Zee TV’s paranormal love story ‘Shree’, though a Muslim by faith, worships all religions and strongly believes in Ganpati Bappa. She was more than excited to shoot a sequence where Bal Ganesha himself appears in front of her and showers his blessings on her.

Shree’s trauma caused by Kagna’s numerous attempts to kill Hari will finally come to an end, this Ganesh Chaturthi. Kangna has been formed a new plot to kill Hari. She has poisoned one amongst Shree’s twin babies who if given birth will become a devil. To save her babies from from Kangana’s evil acts, Shree worships Ganpati Bappa and surprisingly the Lord himself come to Shree’s rescue. In the coming episodes, Shree will be seen meeting Bal Ganesh who will help and guide her thorugh this difficult phase of her life.

Video of Shree September 03, 2009 on Youtube

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