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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Two moms on Aap Ki Antara

Reel Mom comes to heal when Real Mom whacks!!!
When 4 years old Raj who plays Abhishek in Zee TV’s Aap Ki Antara was getting serious whacking from his Mom for not doing his homework during the break on the sets, his reel Mom, Prabhleen Sandhu came to his rescue. Raj known for his brattiest ways and prankster nature on the sets, just refused to do his homework and eat ‘ghar ka khaana’ on shoot. When he started stomping and yelling, his Mom couldn’t control her temper and hit him hard on his back. Seeing this Prabhleen who was watching the entire episode came forward and asked Raj’s mom to please not hit him at least when she is around. She took Raj in her arms, promised him an ice-cream once he finishes his food and homework. That’s finally when an inconsolable Raj let Prabhleen feed him. Lucky Raj to be equally loved by both his on & off screen Moms! Prabhleen said, “Both Abhishek and I extremely fond of each other. It also stems from the fact that we both play pranks on everyone and also keep chattering away to glory when we not shooting. I really felt bad when he was being scolded by his Mom and intervened coz I know his Mom wont mind.”

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