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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Hindi TV Serial - Rang Badalti Odhani - Getting difficult for Khanak to reveal her love for Shantanu

The serial is taking a pretty long time to come to a decision on one aspect, whereby it is pretty clear that Khanak and Shantanu love each other and are very attached to each other, but they still need to get closer to each other both in terms of emotionally and physically. The way it is working right now is that Shantanu has told Khanak that he loves her, and now expects that she will do the same.
And while Khanak is very attached to Shantanu, she does not believe that she is so forward that she can easily say those words to Shantanu, making him very frustrated, since he cannot believe that anybody can find it so difficult to express their love. Khanak is also frustrated because she feels that Shantanu is pressurizing her to express her love in actual words, and not willing to understand as to why she cannot say those words.
The story is not taking this very seriously, with all this discussion and conflict happening in a very light hearted way; including Khanak loudly talking to herself all the time about how she should really tell Shantanu what he wants to hear. She makes a plan whereby she cooks some halwa, and the kaju put in the halwa spells out the words of I Love you, but that halwa gets in the wrong hands in terms of first to her father-in-law and then brother-in-law, which results in tension of these 2 gentlemen with their own wives.

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