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Sunday, October 17, 2010

Hindi TV Serials - Uttaran - Tapasya likely to come back to the house after being cast out

Till now, the show has seen Tapasya slowly sliding in the quality of her life after being cast out of the houses, both by Veer and by Jogi. However, Tapasya has never really felt that she did anything wrong, and in turn blames Ichcha for whatever has gone wrong with her. After being turned out of the house, she even associates herself with a local businessman and does gambling, but eventually keeps on going down in life. Finally, she has to take a place in a chawl, and gets some work (although she is not used to working, or to getting up early enough in the day required for working). Finally, she loses this job as well, is now in danger of losing her chawl as well (since she is also out of money now). It is at this time that Jogi feels that she has suffered enough and should be taken back in the house, and also she is pregnant.
On the other hand, in Veer's house, there is some regular drama happening, as usual because of Ichcha. Ichcha has been scolding Veer for some time now for not behaving as appropriately towards her like he should towards a sister-in-law, and finally Veer snaps back. He shows her a mirror to whatever she has done in the past, and essentially tells her that she has taken care of the needs of everybody, whether they be Jogi, Tapasya, Vansh, but every time it is Veer who has been neglected, and it is his feelings that have been broken by Ichcha. Ichcha realizes that this is true.
In the meantime, Veer's mother decides that Veer has been in depression long enough, and it is maybe time for him to get married, and Veer agrees in principle for this.

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