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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Hindi TV Serial - Yeh Rishta Kya Kahlata Hain - Naitik gets into trouble because of Sneha, a designer in his office

As usual, even if you do not watch this show for a number of days, the slow speed at which the serial moves will ensure that you do not miss much. For a number of weeks (or maybe months), the serial has been showing a potential for discord between Naitik and Akshara because of the new entry of a girl called Sneha, who works for Naitik as a designer, and works in his office. Sneha comes from a pretty conservative family (apparently more conservative than even Naitik's family), and for her, working outside the house is a big deal and something that she has not let her family really know. She works well as a designer, and Naitik's company is starting to depend on her for their new designs.
However, due to a lack of communication, and to actually blame Naitik, Sneha starts to get close to Naitik, and attracted to him. Neither she, nor eventually her mother realize that Naitik is actually married. And Naitik, in his supposed innocence, does not see that Sneha is getting close to him and does not even try to tell her about Akshara, or get them introduced on any occasion. It is when Sneha's mother sets Shankari Tai on the job of taking the relationship to Naikit's house that Shankari Tai, somewhat hesitantly tells the truth that Naitik is already married.
Sneha's mother is very angry at this, and feels that Naitik has been very unfair to her daughter. Sneha in the meantime has resigned from the job, and the company (daddaji) is feeling the pinch of not having a good designer. Naitik knows the truth by now, and so does Akshara, and Akshara does blame Naitik for all this, for leading Sneha on. Now, Sneha's mother wants to get to Naitik's parents and complain about his behavior, and he is scared about this.

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