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Friday, October 15, 2010

Hindi TV Serial - Bandini - The Mahabharat in Dharamraj's family

After the 16 year transition, things have changed a lot in Bandini. It is becoming more like the saas-bahu serials with the same amount of intrigue and fighting inside a family as used to happen in the past. The transition has resulted in a new set of enemies from the new generation, including those who were close to the family in the past. So, you still have the close relationship between Dharamraj and Santu, and with other family members except for Shashank and Kaddu. Just before the shutdown, there was a fight between Shashank and Kaddu due to adulterated medicine from Shashank's factory being provided to Santu, which caused DM to kick Shashank out. And Vishal remained with Megha who had taken him away, in order to ensure that he does not remain close to Santu and DM, and in order to ensure that he will hate them.
So now you have the next generation as young adults, with Shashank becoming anti-DM, no longer the lovable person in the earlier episodes (and the actor playing the character also changed); so Shashank's sons Danesh and Parth (who may be Monghi's son) are always angry and want to defeat DM and their other cousins. Kaddu is solidly behind Shashank, and eventually against her own father.
And Vishal is scheming to break up the house, since he continues to believe that it was Santu and DM who were against his mother, Megha, and enter the house and win their trust so that he can scheme from within the house. However, his truth is finally revealed to DM, and he is getting ready to kick Vishal out of the house. Vishal is pretty sure that Santu will get broken by this, but DM is sure that Santu will understood that Vishal is full of hate (and one wonders whether this is also shown as one of the effects of the curse that Motiben gave to Santu when Santu came to visit her in jail).

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