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Thursday, October 14, 2010

Hindi TV Serial - Geet - Hui Sabse Parai - The truth about Dev comes out, and Geet and Mann currently separated

The serial has gone through some rapid transformation, with Geet and Mann at their engagement ceremony. However, from that point, everything starts going downhill. Dev has found out that Geet is the person to whom Mann is supposed to be engaged to, and wants to ensure that the truth is revealed. Geet is shocked at the news that Dev is Mann's brother, and extremely concerned about the interplay of relations. She decides to leave, but then realizes that Mann had always supported her, but in the meantime the engagement ceremony is over. Nayantara, back from some time away from the serial, comes back and spins a story to Dadima which turns her away from Geet, and she refuses to listen to Geet.
Dev is contrite, and wants to reveal the truth, but so far has not been able to do so. However, he is very angry at Nayantara since she was the one who was pushing him into everything, and he blames her for the trouble that he is now in. He keeps on threatening to turn himself into the police, and she is afraid since that would also get her in trouble.
Geet however wants to meet Mann to explain things to him, but she does feel that Mann has deserted her without listening to her part of the story. The story takes a public turn when Sasha baits Geet in the office and tries to humiliate her, and in the end, Geet reveals everything to the people in the office (where Dev, Meera and Nayantara are already present). Meera is shocked since Dev had not told her that he had spent the night with Geet and as a result Geet is now pregnant. At the same time, Mann has an accident with the lift in the office and is now admitted to the hospital.

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