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Sunday, October 24, 2010

Hindi TV Serial - Mann Ki Awaaz Pratigya - Fighting goes on between Krishna and Shakti

The serial has shown a huge transformation in the character of Krishna. His love for Pratigya, something that she finally reciprocates after seeing that the person has a lot of value in him, even if you leave aside the rough character that he posses. She is still fully aware that her inlaws do not follow the same beliefs and level of education that her family does, but at the same time they are more powerful.
Her inlaws are also totally against her, and in fact tried to kill her by electrocution, something that she avoided by accident. However, her sister-in-law Kesar knew about this, and when she protested, her husband, Shakti beat her up so badly that she had to be hospitalized and also lost her baby (she was pregnant). This incensed Pratigya so much that she filed a police case and got both Shakti and her mother-in-law thrown in jail, and Krishna had also supported her in this.
This caused a huge amount of drama in the family, with Krishna coming totally out on Pratigya's side and having a direct fight with his brother Shakti, and Shakti pointing a gun to Shakti.
But Krishna can also point fingers at Pratigya when he sees that she does not support him or his family members; for example, at Arushi's engagement, where her future father-in-law is an IG of police, and is finding it difficult to accept that because of this engagement, he could become a relative of Sajjan Singh, since there are a number of cases against Sajjan and Shakti.
In fact, the IG declares that he does not want the Thakur family to come to the wedding, as a condition for the wedding; and in the meantime, Krishna tells off Pratigya for not standing up for his family members.

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