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Saturday, October 23, 2010

Hindi TV Serial - Dil Mil Gaye - Armaan and Riddhima getting together again

Dil Mil Gaye is reaching an end, with the story about Riddhima and Sid having come to an end. The serial started with Armaan not there in the picture, and moved towards the 2 Doctors of Sid and Riddhima being separate from each other, although Sid did like Dr. Riddhima; she was not particularly fond of him. However, owing to an act of nature, they were stuck in a situation whereby they had to get closer to each other (there was a cold wave, and they have to use their body heat to get some warmth); as a result, Riddima came under pressure to marry Sid and finally agreed to marry him.
However, this marriage was something that was not very comfortable for either of them, and they had to put in a lot of effort to try and get somewhat close to each other, with physical intimacy being somewhat distant. This time though, Riddhima wanted to give the marriage a full chance, and tried to ensure that Sid was also convinced to give the marriage a chance.
And then Armaan came back in the serial, and this caused the triangle to get resurrected. It took some time for Armaan to learn about this marriage, and even though he accepted it (and the serial even introduced another character called Dr. Shlipa as an attempted love interest for Armaan), it was not to be. Riddhima started having some sort of feelings for Armaan again, to the extent that Sid got heavily uncomfortable and suspicious. And then Armaan realized that him and Riddhima getting together was the right approach, and finally Sid decided to end the marriage. Riddhima was confused over all this, and left to get some distance, but Armaan pursued her and finally got her back.

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