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Monday, December 13, 2010

Hindi TV Serial - Rang Badalti Odhani - The background of Shaan finally getting revealed

With the presence of Sam, the history of what caused Shaan to have his current behavior is getting revealed. For some time now, Shaan's family is somewhat mystified by his behavior, his unsettled emotional nature, and the way he shirks his family responsibility. His father, who is anyhow going through an emotional state because of the threat of divorce by his wife, cannot easily accept this nature of Shaan.
However, the story is slowly getting revealed with the presence of his friend from college, Sam in his life. Both Khanak and Sam do not really like each other, and do not hesitate to attack each other verbally whenever they get a chance, and Shaan has to take a lot of effort to ensure that they remain cool with each other, and not let the skirmishes escalate.
It starts turning out that Sam and Shaan do not relish the memory of another friend from college, called Rahul, who now is a fairly successful businessman. Sam and Rahul meet when Sam goes to provide him a service for planning a marriage, and she is shocked when she sees Rahul.
Rahul teases and torments her, but Sam does not want to reveal the presence of Rahul to Shaan ever since the incident in college when Rahul rejected the love of Sam (when Shaan felt that Rahul would easily accept the love of Sam); ever since then, they have been separate from each other, and Shaan does not event want to ever meet Rahul again.
Further, Khanak gets to know all this when she sees Sam with Rahul, and Rahul had also saved her when she was being heckled by 2 people for being a village girl. Now, the next step will be when Rahul and Shaan meet.

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