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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Hindi TV Serial - Pavitra Rishta - Everybody turns against Archana and Manav

The show has taken a sudden turn. After a long time of separation, a sudden marriage between Maanav and Archana was shown, but one that turned their entire family against them. This was to the extent that Archana's brothers and sisters disapproved of the marriage so much that they were not really willing to talk to Archana too much, with Dharmesh even trying to get the police to stop the marriage (this effort was thwarted when the marriage happened in a temple before the police can actually reach them); further, he was offended when he spoke about this to Archana's parents and they did not support his effort.
However, Archana's parents still had a lot of feelings for Archana, and when they go to know that Archana was unwell, they went to her house (which was in a locality that they would not normally approve of); when they did not see Maanav there, they were angry and told Manav that he was not able to take care of their daughter; this was not liked by Archana. Further, Archana's mother told Maanav that since he was not able to take care of their daughter, they could come to live with their family. Archana was shocked, since how could Maanav go to live in the house of his in-laws, but Maanav decided to let his pride not come in the way, and realized that Archana would get much better care in her parents house and decided to live in their house, even though he knew that many people would not understand such a decision.
And this turned out to be true, since nobody in the house could appreciate Maanav living with them, and lowered their opinion of him; and decided not to have any contact with either Maanav or Archana.

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