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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Hindi TV Serial - Na Aana Is Des Ladoo - Bhanupratap chasing Ammaji and her family, chased them away from their home

The serial is gradually moving to the stage where a time leap happens and the current generation of people shown in the serial are no longer there. The prime hero and heroine of the serial, Sia and Raghav, will no longer be shown in the serial since they will be shown as having died in the serial.
In the serial, an old enemy of Ammaji, Bhanupratap (Aman Verma), challenges Ammaji that he will destroy her family (like Ammaji destroyed his family earlier) and he will do so when the family is celebrating the impending arrival of new children in the family, at the function to be held in the haveli.
And Ammaji is sure of the strength that she possesses, that she is sure nothing can happen; however Bhanupratap attacks with full force and forces a battle in the haveli and pushes Ammaji and the family away from the haveli. This causes more problems since there are 3 ladies who are pregnant and due to deliver.
Bhanupratap pursues them (with Ammaji running away in full flight, and with many of her men having been killed in the fight), and slowly you see how this proud family is being reduced to a sorry state in this run away from Bhanupratap. The only thing that is saving them to some extent is the fact that Ammaji has managed to keep the sister of Bhanupratap with them, and she has also regained her memory and remembers all that Ammaji did to her family.
In this difficult situation, Amba, the dacoit daughter of Ammaji comes to the rescue, and saves them temporarily from the clutches of Bhanupratap, shooting BP in the leg and hand.

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