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Sunday, December 19, 2010

Hindi TV Serial - Baat Hamari Pakki - Shravan in deep trouble, since his father found out about the contract

In the serial, Baat Hamari Pakki, the show is going through some strange times. The serial depicted Shravan as being the reluctant guy to marry Saanchi, making her sign a contract that limits the time of the marriage, because he wanted to actually get married to his girlfriend. However, Saanchi was not very happy with this, and over a period of time, she had set Shravan some conditions before the contract could be executed (primarily related to letting Shravan becoming more responsible in life and being aware of his responsibilities).
And then a whole set of drama happened, but the eventual thing is that both Shravan and Saanchi were able to appreciate each other and fall in love with each other. However, there is trouble in store. Shravan still does not act responsibly, contributing in any way, or being responsible for a standard of living for both of them.
However, in a event that proves very bad for Shravan, his father gets the contract and realizes that his son has actually been playing a game with Shravan. He already did not like the way that Shravan was behaving, and decides to take some strong action. He forbids Shravan and Saanchi from seeing each other for 30 days, puts a condition that unless Shravan is able to work and earn enough money, he can assume that the relation between Shravan and Saachi is over (and also tells family members that the bigger reason is that he does not want Saachi to spoil her life).
Shravan tries to get some money by working, but in the end, takes the easy way out and withdraws money from his account to show that he has indeed earned the money. However, his father finds out that Shravan has made a withdrawal, not earned the money, and now Shravan is in bigger trouble, even though Saanchi tries her best to convince everybody that Shravan is now more responsible.

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