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Thursday, December 2, 2010

Hindi TV Serials - Mann Ki Awaaz Pratigya - Shakti, in a surprise marries Arushi, a mistake for sure

The serial continues to show a lot of surprises. For some time now, Pratigya has been fighting for the cause of her elder sister-in-law Kesar, who was tormented by her husband Shakti (supported by his mother and father, Sajjan Singh). Pratigya got able support from her husband Krishna, who was even ready to support Pratigya against the taunts of his own family. It was this support that kept the courage of Pratigya steady. It was when the family tried to kill Pratigya and Kesar got to know about it, that her husband and mother beat her up so badly that she lost her child and became incapable of having a baby after that.
It was then that Shakti and family decided that it was time that Shakti got married for a second time, something that Pratigya opposed since his first wife Kesar was still alive and their marriage was still alive. When asked about how Pratigya would be able to oppose, Pratigya managed to scare them by threatening them that a second marriage would result in a jail term for Shakti (since a second marriage under Hindu customs is illegal if the first marriage is still valid).
At the same time, Arushi (the sister of Pratigya) was turning against her, and when arushi's marriage was fixed to the son of the DIG, everybody was happy. However, Pratigya saw the boy with another girl, enough to raise suspicions about his intentions, and Arushi was very bitter with her about this, and totally refused to believe Pratigya. But Pratigya was determined to save her sister, and this finally resulted in the marriage being called off. Arushi was so angry that she took the highly destructive step of marrying Shakti Singh (to the huge shock of Pratigya and their parents). Now, Arushi is in the household and determined to humiliate Pratigya at any opportunity.

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