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Thursday, December 2, 2010

Hindi TV Serial - Rang Badalti Odhani - Turbulence in Shantanu's life because of his past catching up and parents drama

Rang Badalti Odhani was going through some light moods recently, and then suddenly everything turned serious. They showed the acceptance of the relationship between Shaan and Khanak, with the realization that both of them loved each other a lot. In fact, Khanak moved towards understanding the full scope of the relationship, starting to learn more about the physical intimacy that becomes a part of such a relationship.
However, things starting getting complicated at the same time. The relationship between Shaan's father and his mother, which was never seemingly very close, reached breaking point (not through some bitter fights), but more like a realization that she was not happy in this relationship and wanted to separate, through a formal divorce. When Shaan heard about this, he was totally shaken, and started behaving strangely. He would not speak normally to his father, accusing his father and mother of acting like having a normal relationship. He was also somewhat distant from Khanak, who would not understand what her husband was going through.
One change in Khanak that is for the positive is where she is not shown under Shaan's control; she loves him a lot and would want to ensure that he is always fine, but that does not mean that she will accept everything that Shaan does. She regularly tells Shaan to be more responsible, play his role in the family work and so on.
Another angle that is being shown in the serial is about old friends of Shaan, such as Sam. Khanak was trying to figure out what Shaan was doing in his college days, but when Sam shows up, she is very uncomfortable with the close relationship between Sam and Shaan.

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