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Sunday, December 5, 2010

Hindi TV Serials - Uttaran - Tapasya, ready to play another trick, pretends to be pregnant

The viewers of the serial have been watching for a long time to see whether Tapasya will ever be shown as reformed, as somebody who can follow the right path, instead of always acting only in her best interests, and consequently being depicted in a negative mood. She has suffered for this behavior, most shockingly to her when Veer showed all her true behavior on video (including the role she played in the death of Vansh) and then kicked her out of the house, which was followed by her own father also refusing to let her enter her own house. She had to suffer, including doing a job, living in a place with very poor facilities and poor sanitation, and so on. Yet, she was finally accepted back by her parents after they saw the pitiable conditions under which she was living. And of course, none of this had any effect on the way she thinks (to a large extent because of the influence of her nani who always supported her and put all those thoughts in her mind).
The latest shocker from Tapasya comes after the marriage of Veer and Ichcha. They finally decided to get married with the active support of the parents, with only Gunwanti being somewhat hesitant for this marriage; but Gunwanti always wanted Veer to come back to living his life and would support Ichcha's marriage with Veer if that is what made him happy.
However, Nani along with Tapasya come up with a new challenge, claiming in very dramatic fashion that Tapasya is pregnant with Veer's child (although when their marriage could have been consumated is a different question). Now, this puts Gunwanti in a moral fix, since she is not sure whom she should support (another fundamental question is about when the divorce between Veer and Tapasya happened).

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