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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Hindi TV Serial - Sasural Gainda Phool - Ishaan has an accident and has a memory loss

The serial is on a new track right now, which could go on for some time, or end quickly in the next few weeks. The serial has shown a good relationship between Ishaan and Suahana, combined with the normal pleasant atmosphere of a joint family. Suhana was initially somewhat uncomfortable with this relationship and marriage, but soon settled down and is now happy. The serial is not a very serious serial in the role of the normal saas-bahu serials, and tries to keep things light and comfortable.
Right now, Suhana is in a bit of problem since Ishaan had an accident, and because of an accident to his head, he had a swelling to a portion of his brain, and as a result, he has forgotten his recent memory, which also includes his marriage to Suhana. Now, Suhana has come to love Ishaan and is devastated by this news, but soon settles down into an effort to ensure that she continues to flirt with Ishaan and also get his memory back.
Ishaan is somewhat confused by this strange lady in his house, and she is explained away as a lady called Shashikala who is married to somebody else, but is living in the house for some time. In order to ensure that Ishaan is not confused, all the stuff belonging to Suhaana is removed from Ishaan's room and she is moved to another room in the house.
She soon starts meeting Ishaan, and he is confused about how to react to this, since he finds himself attracted to her, even dreams about her, and his brothers tease him about his liking for a lady who is supposedly married to somebody else.

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