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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Hindi TV Serial - Pyaar Kii Ye Ek Kahaani - The end of the game between Piya and Abhay, Siddharth killed in the final battle

The serial comes up with some interesting twists and turns, and so has happened in the last few days. The serial has now gone in for a 1 year leap (as it was promising to do so for the past few promos), and the storyline continues to hold the interest. The concept of vampires (with good and bad vampires) continues to hold everybody's attention, and the presence of Siddharth as the evil vampire made the show pretty interesting.
So, the last few episodes had the storyline coming to a logical end. Siddharth has managed to keep Maithili alive as a vampire ever since the fire that consumed her, Siddharth and Abhay, and after which all of them became vampires, the living dead. Siddharth was consumed with a passion to beat Abhay, and he was in the form of Pia a presence who could be used for this purpose, and Abhay was unwilling to tell Pia about the truth of Siddharth.
But, in the end, Pia did go along with Siddharth into his trap where she finally met with the other person who shared her face, Maithili, but this was no nice and polite Mythili. Mythili had become a vampire, who would stop at nothing to finally kill Pia, because she blamed Pia for Abhay falling in love with her; and because she and Siddharth believed that drinking the blood of Pia would give them a super-power that would make them much more powerful than other vampires.
In the midst of all this wandered in the other Dobriyal girls, wandered in Abhay's parents Chaand and Hasina, and also came the vampire hunter, who could disable a vampire and also kill them using a wooden stake. After a lot of fighting, Siddharth was finally killed, but Abhay was also cursed by Mythili to go back to a long sleep and before he went, he made Pia forget all about the past 1 year.

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