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Thursday, May 12, 2011

Hindi TV Serial - Uttaran - Tapu and Ichcha make up, to save Veer from enemies

Veer and his household have some new enemies in the form of Satya and Saanchi, a brother and sister combination who have come to take revenge from the household for everything they suffered a long time back. Satya, as a youngster, lived in the household, but was falsely accused of stealing a chain in the household by Vansh, and as a result, suffered a lot of humiliation, and hence is back for revenge.
Satya is pretending to be a friend of Veer, promising business, and comes in along with Saachi, who pretends to be blind. However, after some time, both Ichcha and Tapu start realizing that there is something suspicious, and both of them also see various circumstances that show that Saanchi is not actually blind.
Tapu sees this in the form of an encounter where she has come to visit Mr. Rathod, wanting to get him out of her life. He in turn wants Tapu to acknowledge that the child she has in her womb is actually his, and not Veer's (something that Ichcha already knows). She refuses to accept this in front of him, and then accidentally sees him with Satyavaan and Sachi, and sees Sachi reading the menu and doing other things that a blind person would never be able to do.
So, now both Ichcha and Tapu are trying to ensure that they do not let Satya and Sanchi carry out whatever plans they may have against Veer, and Ichcha has already prevented one such plan from being carried out, frustrating both Satya and Sanchi to some degree.

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