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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Hindi TV Serials - Pavitra Rishta - Money problems finally lead Maanav to jail

Some time back, the serial had started showing Manav in a slightly improved situation, with his business picking up and things starting to look up. However, the serial seems to be based on the concept of showing humanity even when things look bleak, and so the serial keeps on putting Maanav and Archana in poor conditions, but where they still trying to help everybody else.
So, now in the latest developments, Manav is stuck in a horrible financial condition. He is signing checks even when he does not have the money in the bank, doing this for good conditions.
First, his inlaws are in a bad condition, with a loan amount overdue for Rs. 1 lakh, and they have been unable to pay the money. Finally the bank manager along with the police land up with an eviction order and start removing all their stuff from the house. All their efforts to dissuade the bank manager do not work, and finally when all their stuff is removed from the house and the house is getting locked, they are in despair. They do not even have a place to stay if they are evicted from their current house. However, at the last minute, Manav comes with a check for the amount ensuring that the eviction notice is stopped. But, he does not have the money in the bank.
There are other issues that he has with respect to the business, and overall now he is very badly stuck for money; and with Archana pregnant, he has to ensure that she is getting proper care as well.
And finally the police come to arrest him and take him away, for not repaying the money that is due from him, and others cannot do anything about this. The person who has got him arrested is not willing to do anything unless he gets his money back.

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