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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Hindi TV Serials - Pyaar Ki Ye Ek Kahaani - Lot of drama, Siddharth trying to make several moves, being foiled

The serial seems to be moving at a fairly fast speed, with the interactions between the 2 main competing characters deciding a lot of the action that is happening in the serial. The 2 main characters on the serial are Abhay and Siddharth, who were originally brothers when they were human, and both of them died in the conflict over the same princess centuries back, and both of them became vampires. So, while Abhay is the more good vampire, and always ready to help Piya, and those close to her, Siddharth fits the normal caricature of the vampire, pure evil, always ready to attack anyone and use anyone. They already show him attacking people who are alone in the forest at night. He is now after Piya, since he lost the original fight over the princess, and for this purpose, is feigning a romance with Panchi who has totally lost herself over Sid.
Abhay was constantly warning Piya against Siddhart, without telling her that he was a vampire, and in the end, when he saw that Siddharth was going to bite Piya, Abhay bit her first to prevent Siddharth from doing this. For some time, Piya would be like a vampire, but only till the next full moon after which she would become normal. In the meantime, Siddharth kidnapped Arnaab when he saw that Arnaab was learning the truth about him (because of the efforts of the former fiancee of Panchi, Danish); Siddharth scared Arnab that he would harm Panchi unless Arnab kept quiet. Sid had also tried to keep Hasina on his side by applying to her maternal instincts - this finally broke when a landslide happened where Chaand was caught and Sid tried to expose Chand by getting the doctors to do a number of tests on him. Piya managed to save the reports of Chand at this time and everybody was very grateful to her.
However, Siddharth did tell Piya that she must have been bitten by Abhay since she seems to be exhibiting the signs of a vampire, and she confronted Abhay, who finally admitted it; Piya has been very angry with Abhay over this.

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