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Thursday, May 5, 2011

Hindi TV Serial - Yeh Rishta Kya Kahlata Hain - Akshara's pregnancy, and she gets lost for a couple of episodes

The show has moved a bit faster, because in most cases, the serial moves at a very slow speed (a wedding could take several months to happen, with the preparation for each function also getting shown). The last few episodes has covered the scene where Akshara became pregnant, a source of major joy for the family. Initially, she was apprehensive of how Naitik will feel, since in a discussion with Naitik, Naitik did express his thoughts that he was maybe not ready to be a father yet (at that time, Akshara had not told Naitik about her pregnancy as yet). However, when her pregnancy became known, Naitik and everyone in the family was very happy about this development, and they all wanted Akshara to slow down, eat more and rest more.
Her parents also wanted Akshara to come home for some time, since they were very happy for her pregnancy as well; Akshara also wanted to spend time at her home with her family and with her young niece. At the same time, Naitik also wanted to spend time with Akshara, and decided to stay with her at her house. This led to a slight comical situation where Naitik was there, and they were asking him to at least eat dinner before leaving, and he stated that he did not want to leave, and instead wanted to stay along with Akshara.
Like many other serials where a pregnancy is shown, there was the situation where Akshara could have tripped on the stairs, and they showed that in a precap, but in reality, Akshara recovered and did not fall (although everybody got very scared at the thought that Akshara could have taken a fall and something happened to her baby).
After this, another major incident happened where Akshara went to the locker room of the bank, but due to a mistake and confusion, she got locked inside after the bank closed. Everybody was frantic looking for her, and even the police was involved, but it was getting difficult. How will she be found is the next major question.

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