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Sunday, May 29, 2011

Hindi TV Serial - Geet - The drama in the household, with Mann on the other side

Geet has been seeing a lot of drama for the past several weeks. Ever since Geet ran away from Mann's house after she felt that Mann had insulted her, she was spotted by her cousin in Amritsar and started staying in their house, run by her autocratic Beeji. Over a period of time, Mann finds out where she is and comes to the house in the form of a new driver Balwant Singh, and finally manages to persuade Geet that he is contrite and sorry, and everything reconciles. He even manages to be the first to break her fast at the time of Karva Chaut.
Things get more complicated because the family seems to think that Dev is actually Mann, and when Dev starts to fall in love with the sister of the house, Nandini. It gets more complicated. For Nandini, Dev is the husband of her cousin, and also a person who has such a temper that he caused Geet to run away, and as a result, she would not let him come anywhere near her; however, over a period of time she softens a bit towards Dev. And then she finally comes to know that Balwant is actually Mann, and Dev is Mann's younger brother. At the same time, the family is looking for a husband for Nandini and Dev does not like it, but cannot do anything about it.
Finally Beeji and Tejji get to know the truth of Balwant / Mann, and do not like the fact that they have been kept in the dark, and tell Mann to leave the house. They also tell Geet for the same, but she wants to stay till she can persuade Beeji that she did not have any intention of causing any disregard or hiding things from her. So Mann decides to come to the house again, and he does so since the house has been mortgaged, and he decides to buy the house and comes there. Beeji and Tejji consider that Mann has decided to insult them, and she promises to get the amount that Mann paid and then ask him to leave.

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Venkat said...

Hi Deepti,

Nice Blog. Keep Updating.

I request you to consider adding more details like the serial is airing on which Channel and probably a link to the serial page of their website will add value to your blog.


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