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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Hindi TV Serial - Parichay - Kunal stopped from arguing his own case in court

The serial has been going through a lot of drama. On the one hand, Kunal is getting more and more guilt-torn about the relationship that he has with Siddhi, convinced that he is doing wrong by being married to his dead brother's fiancee, and so on. He has told Siddhi about this many times, and this feeling is only getting reinforced. On the other hand, Siddhi for some reason known only to the makers of the serial, is refusing to tell him of the truth, that she is in love with him, and that she is fine with the marriage. She never even told him of whatever the confrontations that she had with Richa (and then they say later that their husband misunderstands them, since they hide half the things that could have led to a better relation).
Now, the court case filed against Kunal by Richa is progressing; after the initial setback, Thakral calls of a surprise by calling Siddhi to the stand, where everybody is surprised at her being called to the witness stand. And then Thakral manages to get her to reveal that she was there at the hotel where the incident between Richa and Kunal took place, something that Kunal did not know about. Also, during the case, he told the court something that shocked most of the Chopras, that about an impending divorce between Kunal and Siddhi. Now, Raj and Gaurav did not know about this divorce case and are truly surprised and very angry.
During the midst of the case, Kunal gets very angry after being provoked by Thakral, and takes physical action against Kunal. As a result, the judge stops proceedings, and orders that henceforth, Kunal will not able to fight his own case and will have to have a different lawyer, something that Thakral wanted. On the other side, Raveena is debating what she is doing, and whether she was the one who leaked the news of the divorce to Thakral.

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