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Sunday, February 5, 2012

Hindi TV Serial - Saas Bin Sasural - Tragedy for Nitika, since Ved marries Kiya

The serial has gone through a lot of drama in the past, with the arrival of Kia. When Pitaji was away, Ved had finally agreed to marry Nitika, something that was a bit difficult because Ved refused to reconcile himself to the thought that he was in love with somebody, but finally decided to marry Nitika. And then Pitaji came with Kia, the daughter of his dead friend, to whom he had given a promise that he will get his son Ved married to Kia. For Kia, this was extremely important, since as per her father's will, she would not able to get her father's money unless she married Ved and did not divorce him before an year. As a result, she was willing to do whatever necessary to ensure that her marriage happened (and this was bad for her, since her father had put such a strange condition in his will, and something that was causing her to behave in this way; who would want to lose money that should have come to them).
However, in the face of constant pressure from the family, Ved finally agrees that he is in love with Nitika, and will marry her and not Kia, no matter that Chhedi wants this to happen. Kia also seems to back down and says that she is happy for the marriage of Nitika and Ved. So preparation for the marriage happens, with shopping and all. Nitika is very happy with all this, although one can see in the face of Kia that she is planning something that will change all this.
And so it happens, when Kia plans that Nitika will not reach the marriage mandap, and at the final moment, Chedi applies a lot of pressure and bemoans that his son will not even respect the pledge he gave to Kia's father; and so Ved backs down and decides to marry Kia. Everybody else is against this, but Ved finally agrees. Nitika is badly hurt at all this.

1 comment:

Soujanya said...

its so sad that nithika is again hurt. I wish toasty should reveal kiya's secrets soon and the couple should become one.

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