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Sunday, February 26, 2012

Hindi TV Serial - Saas Bin Sasural - Will Kia finally get exposed

The 8-11 slot is the one that is most wanted by serials, just for the number of people who are able to watch it. Serials who get a slot in these time slots enjoy increased viewership. Also making a big difference is the stability of the time slot. If the time slot of a serial is changed, that makes a big difference to its viewership, and since Saab Bin Sasural was changed from 10 to 9, there has been a fall in its TRP; also, maybe the serial brought in the incredibly bad Kia sequence, it has really got boring.
The fact that a father could force his son to disregard his own romance and marry somebody else is incredible, and the fact that the son could break the heart of another girl and her parents just to obey the wish of his father (who in turn did not obey the wish of his own father, who was also against the forced marriage).
Now, the marriage happened and Kia was married to Ved; and it was clear to people such as Ved, Toasty and Tej that Kia had no interest in the marriage, and there must have been some other motives for the marriage. However, Cheddi had made it clear that he considered no problems with Kia, and blamed Toasty and Malthi to some extent for the problems that Kia seemed to have in adjusting in the house. And, for some reason, Tej was not even willing to support Toasty in the doubts that she had over Kia, something that should have enraged Toasty to a large extent.
And then the final issue is that of Jay, who suddenly appeared on the scene, stalking Kia for some time, and since it seemed that Kia was afraid of. It became clear that there was a relationship between Kia and Jay, and Toasty is trying to get the household to see the clear relations between Jay and Kia, in such a way that Kia would get exposed.

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