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Monday, February 20, 2012

Hindi TV Serial - Ram Milaayi Jodi - Tragedy in the serial, Anukalp dies in a car accident

The serial is starting to show a few weird things nowadays. The serial showed a happy cross-region marriage, a Gujarati and Punjabi twist with a marriage between Anukalp and Mona. The couple overcame a number of objections, including the ones related to cross-state marriage, and different cultures, adjusting to each other's cultures. Over a period of time, Mona even got the approval of Ambaji for this relationship to the extent that Ambaji did not even believe her own daughter when her daughter accused Mona of something.
And then came the entry of Aditya (Angad Hasija), another son of Ambaji who was deserted when he was very small and who wanted to take revenge for whatever happened. After a lot of dramatics, including when the people in the household turned against Ambaji, things became reconciled and everybody was happy.
However, there was a shock in store. Apparently, since the couple of Angad and Sara Khan were popular from the Bidaai days, there was a plan to start replacing Anukalp in the serial, and even in the life of Mona. How better than to quickly kill off Anukalp, and so that was what was done. In the serial, an episode showed Ambaji, Anukalp and Aditya in a car where Aditya was driving, and when his attention is diverted briefly, he comes across a truck right in front of him, leading to an accident in which Anukalp is stuck under the car, and then the car blows up, killing Anukalp.
When Mona hears this news, she is grief-stricken, and goes into a coma like news. However, Guruji comes into the scene and tells Ambaji that this widowhood for Mona was not on the cards, but Ambaji was destined for one son, and once Aditya came into the scene, things got disturbed, leading to the death of Anukalp. Further, Mona will need to be married to Anukalp.

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