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Monday, February 6, 2012

Hindi TV Serial - Parichay - Haunted by guilt, Kunal wants to divorce Siddhi

The trauma of losing relations can cause a huge impact to people. In the current case, the marriage between Siddhi and Kunal was caused due to the sudden death of Anand, and this death caused a huge trauma to Anand and Kunal's mother; and it was because of her feelings that the marriage between Kunal and Siddhi happened; in fact before the marriage, Siddhi used to have not very pleasant feelings about Kunal. Kunal on the other hand was on/off involved in a relationship between Thakral's daughter Richa (who was extremely shocked by the marriage since she always considered that Kunal would be waiting for her).
Over a period of time, the relationship between Kunal and Siddhi changed; in the beginning, they were always very careful about each other, getting embarrassed whenever the house members tried anything to get them closer to each other. But, as Kunal started spending time with Siddhi, he realized that she was getting to be a part of his life, and even though he would not be able to admit it, he was going to find life without Siddhi extremely difficult. On the other hand, Siddhi was starting to like and then love Kunal, and his various properties and habits, even the way he would get irritated. She had already learnt a lot about his behavior, the things that made him what he was.
Richa was also trying her hardest to break this relationship, even drugging Kunal so that he would be forced into a compromising situation with Richa, but even at that, Kunal refused to cooperate. And when Siddhi confronted him, he refused to admit that anything happened between him and Richa, and this whole complex relations finally let to both Siddhi and Kunal finally getting into a physical relation with each other.
And then the guilt set in, since this was the barsi day for Anand. And then an interaction with a client let Kunal to believe that he was doing wrong in having a relation with his brother's love, and this guilt pushes him to start the process of divorce from Siddhi, something that she does not want.

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