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Thursday, February 9, 2012

Hindi TV Serial - Saas Bin Sasural - Kia starting to already hate the married life

So, the marriage has happened for Ved, and this was a long awaited marriage. However, it was not the marriage that everyone was looking for. He finally got pressured to marry Kia rather than Nitika (whom he was in love with), just because of the pressure put on him by his father, Chedi. Everybody else in the family was against him marrying Kia, but the emotional pressure put on him by his father was just too much.
So, the marriage has happened. Tej and Toasty, and even Pashu were disgusted. And pretty soon, Kia started showing her true colors (although if you think about it, when she was given such a bad condition in her father's will, where she had to marry Ved and remain married for one year, what else could she have done ? Would she have allowed all her inheritance to go away ?); on the night of the marriage, she had drunk enough that Ved could detect that she was drinking. She sent Ved to get her some black coffee, and since Toasty could see that Ved was doing something, she also learnt that Kia was upto something.
Next, it was clear that there was no question of any physical relationship between Kia and Ved; and in fact, since for Kia it was only a compromise relation, she was just able to barely stand the things she was seeing - the waiting time for the common bathroom, the expectation that she would have to help out in the house, and so on. She also seemed to make it clear that it would be foolish to expect her to work in the house, and in fact, Pitaji seemed to blame Toasty and Malti for not letting her work in the kitchen. But then Kia seemed to realize that she has to make the marriage work for 1 year, so she needs to mellow down.

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