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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Hindi TV Serial - Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon - Arnaav and Khushi are getting closer

As the preparations for the wedding of Payal and Akash are getting closer, things are moving in many different ways. On the one side, there are some disturbances, where when Manorama learns that Payal had a previously broken engagement, she gets very angry and wants to break the engagement. She in turn gets scolded by the elders about doing something like this, and Akash, who badly wants to marry Payal, tries his best to ensure that things are fine. He is also confident that as long as his brother Arnaav is on his side, everything will be fine.
As for Arnaav, he is on another plane now. He suddenly seems to have developed a strong sense of passion for Khushi, such as when he thought that Khushi might have been in an accident, he is very distressed, and then the relief he gets when he learns that Khushi is fine, and there is nothing wrong. At this stage, Khushi is very surprised to see about the feelings that Arnaav is expressing, and wants to know why he is so worried about her.
And then the incident about the bangles. When NK got her some bangles, they did not fit properly and got broken. Arnaav removed these bangles and handed her some new bangles, and Khushi has been curious ever since as to whether it was the cold Arnaav who bought these bangles for her, and she had to literally force him to answer this question of hers. On the other hand, Anjali has been seeing what is happening with regard to Arnaav, and smiling about this infatuation of her brother's.
On the other hand there is Shyam, who is constantly trying some scheme whereby he can kill his wife Anjali in the form of an accident, so that he can then get married to Khushi (which is extremely strange, what makes him think that Khushi will get married to him). Nobody so far is aware of this.

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