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Monday, September 30, 2013

Hindi TV Serial - Devon Ke Dev Mahadev - Parvathi angry, moves out of Kailash

After the defeat of Andhak at the combined hands of Ma Kali (when goddess Parvathi had to take the shape of Kali  to defeat Andhak who was otherwise not anywhere near getting defeated) and a form taken by Mahadev, there was again the problem of how to calm down Ma Kaali, who does not easily calm down and who, if she remains in her angry and violent form, can cause huge problems to the world as such. However, it is not easy for Mahadev to do so. He has already done so on 2 different occasions in the past, once by coming under her feet and once by taking the form of a child. However, he had warned Lord Brahma that this time, it would be difficult. He does try to calm her down, but she ignores these attempts and remains in the violent and angry Ma Kali form. Brahma tells Mahadev that he should take the Aghori form to calm her down, but Mahadev does not agree immediately to this, saying that she should be given another chance. In the meantime, Kaali wanders through the river Ganga (her own sister) wounding her because of the immense energy that she is carrying with her. Finally, Mahadev takes on the aghori form and manages to calm down Ma Kaali and brings her back into the form of Parvati.
On the other side are these couple of aghoris (with one of them being played by Sudesh Berry) who want to capture Ma Kaali or bring her under their influence for the immense energies and powers she has. They are disappointed that she has gone back to becoming goddess Parvathi but are reassured that she remains uneasy for now, this time the conversion to Goddess Parvathi has not seen so smooth as it used to be. Even Mahadev knows that this time the re-conversion has not been fully settled and worries about what will happen. And soon this is manifested when Parvathi comes back to Kailash and sees that Ganga was running the show over there in her absense. And when Ganga makes a comment about how she was taken by Mahadev in his hair, she gets very angry at Ganga and also tells Mahadev that he was not supporting her when she was being insulted and in fact took on the aghori form only to protect Ganga from the heat of Ma Kaali, not before. She she has decided to leave Kailash of her own free will and will come back only when she wants to, not otherwise. Everybody is very worried, but no one is able to persuade her otherwise and she leaves from there in an angry form.
Soon her leaving from there becomes known. The 2 aghoris are delighted since they are hoping to put her in a position where they can influence her and become very powerful. There were also 2 asuras who wanted to conquer her and make her their slave and come before her very arrogant, and are soon dispatched when she takes on another form (the 8th out of the 10 different energies that she has). In between she also comes across some ladies who are being harassed and asking her for health. She quickly kills their tormentors and gets angrier at what she sees are some of the injustices that are happening. She gets very angry when Indira appears before her and reminds her of her duties; telling him to quickly vanish from there if he knows what is good for him, and if her reminds her again of what her duties are, then he will get it.
However, in the end, in her Ma Kaali form, she does come under the influence of these aghoris who are also shown as ardent devotees, and who manage to control her. Now Mahadev has to come to do battle with them in order to get Kaali out of there and finally back to Parvathi form.

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