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Friday, May 15, 2009

Dance India Dance

Short post by vloverr

It is about one of the mentors on the show Dance India Dance. Geeta Kapoor says that she has built emotional ties with the show. She cries every time there are eliminations.
There was a time when all her team contestants except one got eliminated she felt very low, all around there was no hope. I guess it would have been an event which she hadn’t witnessed before.
I feel that mentors are also competing amongst them, after all that’s how things appear.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I think geetha is over reacting in the last episode...especially on 15/5/2009 (after siddash and sunita’s performance .if I am not mistaken this is a dance competition…the performance must be more to their dancing skills. I admit that siddash is one of the good dancer among all of the participants…but do u guys think that siddash really dance on the last 2 episode…

Episode 15/5 – not much dance
Episode 16/5- more to singing rather than dancing.(I hope Geetha realize …now siddash is already in top five……WE WANTS TO SEE MORE DANCE….that’s y u call it Dance India Dance….

When u guys give marks pls don’t give based on:
Because u attempted it, because u tried new things, because u r not professional skater…pls give the marks based on their dancing…. their creativity…

My special request to geetha ma…pls don’t be sooo emotional & double standard when giving the marks…to other group contestant


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