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Thursday, May 14, 2009

Experiences of an actress at serial set - life is tough

“The only thing I do in my free time is personal care” – Ratan Rajpoot
Eversince her return from the shoot at Wai (village near Mahabaleshwar), Ratan Rajpoot, Laali of Zee TV’s Agle Janam Mohe Bitiya Hi Kijo has been spending loads of money on different beauty treatments. Says Ratan, “Shooting at Wai was a great experience but a real harsh one on my skin. During childhood, I use to never stay at my native for more than three days due to the absence of luxuries of the city. Hence when I started shooting at the Wai village, my parents were very worried of how I would adjust and at the same time teased me on how destiny got me to do things that I always avoided.
I gradually fell in love with the nature there but that was short-lived as the constant running around bare-foot in hot sun, resulted in cracked heels and sun burns at various places. We also had to wear dirty clothes and sit around in mud which has given me rashes all over the body. At the end of each day I use to spend hours trying to pluck minute thorns off my feet and that has left my feet looking cracked and ugly. My hair has become dry and frizzy. My face use to receive some attention as I had to look presentable on screen but my routine beauty treatments had gone for a toss. I am very happy to be back in Mumbai and have already begun all kinds of remedies. The only thing I now do in my free time is personal care.”

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